Trusted audio-visual architects.

The history of R&S dates all the way back to 1976 when two young engineers Ramakrishnan MK and Rui Da Silva, both of whom were dedicated to high fidelity audio came together, to revolutionize film sound in India.

Since 1992, we have integrated sound systems and provided audio – video solutions to cinemas, preview theatres, studios, night clubs, temples, auditoriums, museums and many more all across the country.

We customize the world’s best audiovisual systems based on your needs.

Apart from this we have also maintained a strong and consistent foothold in the Indian Film Industry by:

  • Offering technical know – how to set up Dolby Film mixing studios
  • Interacting closely with the film community for the production of Dolby SR and Dolby Digital soundtracks.
  • Mixing and mastering film soundtracks.
  • Optical transfer.
  • Controlling soundtrack quality.

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1300 installations. 2500 films. 600 commercials.

R&S is a growing company and has been credited with the following achievements:

  • Over 1300 Cinema Installations all over India.
  • Serving cinema for over 20 years, with more than 2500 films, and 600 commercials being encoded with Dolby soundtracks. These numbers are increasing every day.
  • Providing nation-wide after sales service by Dolby certified engineers
  • Representing 18 of the top brands in the audio-visual industry.

All the products distributed by R&S are installed, supported and aligned to international standards using state-of-the-art instrumentation like THX-R2, TEF-20, Abacus RTAs, Neutrik analyzers, as well as computer-based sophisticated modeling and design software.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located at Andheri (West), Mumbai.

With branch offices in Chennai, Delhi, Palghar and Kolkata and associates in most of the metros, we make it easy for you to avail our services.

Audio-visual design and implementation, covered.

We offer a complete range of cinema sound and film projection services:

  • Design of Auditoriums
  • Installation of Audio Systems and Projectors

Film post-production services:

  • Mixing & mastering film soundtracks
  • Optical transfer
  • Controlling soundtrack quality
  • Dolby soundtrack provider

What's more, R&S also offers a range of services and products for professional audio applications such as:

  • Pro-audio consultancy, alongside sound technical support for the equipment that we manufacture/source, supply and install on-site.
  • Manufacturing the Pulz brand of amplifiers and studio speakers / monitors.

In addition, R&S represents and services:

  • Dolby
  • Schneider Lenses
  • SIM 2 Projectors
  • Gotham cables
  • Violet Audio Inc.