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SurgeX® is the world's leading manufacturer of AC Power Conditioning and Surge Elimination products for the professional audio, video, broadcast and multimedia marketplace. SurgeX power filters deliver the most effective and reliable protection against harmful surges and transients, coupled with state-of-the-art power conditioning.

SurgeX's Advanced Series Mode® technology completely eliminates surge energy without the use of any sacrificial or diversionary components and does not contaminate the safety ground. SurgeX offers a complete line of AC power solutions, all of which carry a 10 year warranty.

It is really better to be safe than sorry.

Sean Hanna

Features of SurgeX : -

  1. SurgeX is an industrial-grade surge eliminator with EMI/RFI filtering.
  2. SurgeX is tested to Grade A, Class 1 Mode 1 of UL 1449-2 Adjunct Endurance Testing: 1000 surges of 6000 Volts and 3000 Amps.
  3. SurgeX does not divert surges to ground like MOVs - SurgeX® blocks and contains surges. Hence, it does not contaminate the ground.
  4. SurgeX has protected equipment in actual instances of a building being hit by a lightning strike.
  5. SurgeX products are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Why use SurgeX?

  1. Protect your computer from damage

    Whether your computer is used at home or at your workplace, it is susceptible to daily surges which could disrupt, or worse, destroy your system.

    Surge X ensures that your computer is protected from all such heavy surges.

  2. Protect your audio-visual and other electrical equipments from damage

    All sophisticated audio-visual products are vulnerable and rely heavily on sensitive integrated circuits for optimal performance.

    Surge X protection will help extend the life of your appliances and protect it from catastrophic failure.

    You can also use Surge X for your office equipments to provide a round-the-clock protection for all your electrical machines.

Switch to Surge X, The Trusted Surge Protector

Many government offices and major corporations have switched to Surge X. After all, they realized that there is no better way to protect hundreds of thousands of dollars worth audio-visual equipment. They saved on replacement costs, procurement costs, equipment downtime, and all the associated hassles.

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