Go surround, to add value to your broadcast transmission.

The broadcast value chain is filled with incompatible systems that can make it difficult to ensure that your broadcast is at its best. We provide you with Dolby's end-to-end solutions for your problems; therefore you can be sure that whatever goes in at Point A comes out at Point B, exactly as it was intended. That’s why professionals worldwide rely on Dolby Technologies to create, mix, distribute and transmit surround sound and produce high-quality audio content.

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.

Douglas Engelbart

Choose from:

Dolby Digital – Add more drama to your sound experience

It turns up the excitement of DTV by adding unparalleled sound quality to the television picture.

Dolby Digital is used extensively on digital satellite (DBS), cable and DTV and HDTV terrestrial services. It can also be used to deliver 5.1 surround radio services.

Dolby Digital is the sound for DVD’s worldwide. All DVD-Video players include Dolby Digital decoding, and a majority of DVD-Video titles incorporate Dolby digital 5.1.

DVD-Audio combines DVD technology with Dolby Digital and MLP lossless, to deliver music with 5.1 channel surround and fidelity which is dramatically better than that on a CD.

Dolby Digital Plus – Flexible and compatible

Dolby Digital Plus was designed specifically to adapt to the changing demands of packaged media, cable, satellite, digital broadcast television and audio storage systems while simultaneously retaining backwards compatibility with the existing Dolby Digital 5.1-channel home theatre systems in use today.

Dolby E – Optimized for surround sound

Dolby E is a professional coding system optimized for the distribution of surround and multi-channel audio through two channel post production and broadcasting infrastructures, or for recording surround audio on two audio tracks of conventional digital video tapes, video servers. communication links, switchers and routers.

Dolby Pro Logic II – Designed to give a realistic stereo sound

Dolby Pro Logic II is an advanced matrix technology which allows broadcasters to deliver convincing, realistic surround sound on stereo -only services.

Dolby Pulse – Provides high efficiency audio coding

Dolby Pulse combines the effectiveness of high efficiency AAC (HEA AAAC) audio coding with Dolby proven quality and broadcast expertise. Dolby Pulse will assure you of compatibility throughout your next-generation broadcast chain.

R&S plans to implement Dolby Pulse in all areas of the broadcast chain: hardware, OEM products and licensed encoder and decoder products.

Dolby Volume – A vibrant audio experience without volume variations

Offer your customers a more consistent and satisfying listening experience with Dolby Volume, an audio processing technology that solves the problem of volume variations across both program content and program sources while simultaneously providing the same vibrant audio performance at all playback levels, loud or soft.