Custom sound and projection design for your theatre. So good that your audience begs for more.

The Indian Film industry is one of the world’s largest producers of films, producing close to a thousand films annually. Every week, thousands of folks flock to the cinema to watch a new release. If you wish to keep your audiences coming back to your theatre, whether a multiplex or a single screen, you need a high quality sound system. After all, it makes a sound business sense, doesn't it?

1300 screens. 18 years. One trusted relationship.

Having installed complete sound and projection systems to over 1300 screens in India, R&S has provided advanced technologies in sound and film projection to cinema owners in India.

We assemble and configure the best quality sound systems which make your theatre experience come to life!

And, of course get your audience coming back for more.

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre.

Roman Polanski

5 Reasons why you should choose R&S

  1. R&S gets your cinema sound custom tuned

    We provide you with customized designs of quality sound and projection systems, to help you enhance your cinematic experience and meet the highest standards. Our in-house sound architects will advice you on how they should be built, and configured according to SMPTE, THX and Dolby guidelines.

  2. R&S provides you with outstanding technical expertise

    With a team of highly qualified engineers trained at Dolby Labs and THX, combined with some immensely talented acoustic designers, you can be rest assured of complete sound and projection solutions for your cinema.

  3. Wherever you are, R&S is within reach

    R&S has offices all over the country. Which means that sales and after-sales are within easy reach for you. With headquarters in Mumbai, and branch offices in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata, including associates in most of the metros, you can be rest assured of prompt service, in your favourite city.

  4. R&S helps you with Film Print Solutions

    With the experience of providing several quality control systems in labs all over India, R&S is in a better position to provide technical advice to any print problems faced by you.

  5. R&S services your cinema with Dolby Certified Engineers

    Have your theatres sound-tuned by the same engineers who calibrate all Dolby film mix studios. The result: enhanced theatre experience for you and your audience. If you own a single screen theatre, we can help you upgrade it to a newer technology. What's more, you'll get guidance on the best technologies and standards to use.