Enhance your movie experience. Dazzle your audience. With Dolby.

When Dolby entered the motion picture business in the early 1970s, a new era in sound technology was born. For the last 40 years, Dolby film formats have evolved to provide the finest possible motion picture experience. The secret lies in a beginning-to-end service to the industry provided by Dolby Film Sound Consultants who give technical support and help to filmmakers, mixing studios, laboratories, distributors and cinemas. The R&S team of Dolby experts can help you get your movie certified as per Dolby rules and regulations.

Saving our Sound – Thank you R&S Electronics, Mumbai! 
A very big thank you to Neil Rodrigues and Bharat Reddy for cleaning up troublesome crackle that plagued the recording, after a freak audio problem. Read about what Susheel Kurien has to say about R&S in his blog.

How does this work?

  1. Conduct pre-production meetings

    Our international team of sound consultants are in a position to discuss any stage of the production processes right from location and music recording through to studio post production to film printing and cinema exhibition.

  2. Arrange for the contract

    Whenever a production house wishes to make a film with a Dolby soundtrack, our consultants help them with the procedure and arrange for the Standard motion picture service and worldwide Trademark & Standardization Agreement which are required to be filled to mix the film in Dolby soundtrack.

  3. Select a mixing studio

    Dolby maintains a current list of all studios worldwide which are approved to produce Dolby film soundtracks. Use of such certified equipment at the studios is permitted only after a film production company has completed the Service Agreement. Our team of experts and technicians will help you with this process and make sure your film production is on schedule.

  4. Master a soundtrack

    Our Dolby sound consultants are always present at the studio for the final stage of a mix when the printing master is generated. Our consultants check the alignment at the mixing studios equipment before the printing master is made. They also provide creative advice for the best use of the Dolby film formats.

  5. Select an Optical Transfer

    A current list of approved optical transfer facilities is available from Dolby laboratories. Camera operators’ co-ordinate with the printing labs to establish a correct density matching before the film soundtrack is transferred. After that, the process is rather straightforward and does not require a Dolby Consultant to be present.

Apart from these, we offer additional Dolby film services such as:

  • Controlling the soundtrack quality at the printing laboratory
  • Print checking
  • Film trailers and Foreign language versions mixing with Dolby soundtracks
  • Being present at important screenings like premiers and press screenings to verify and optimize replay conditions, assist with the rehearsal of the screening and provide backup support during the screening
  • Providing Dolby Laboratories technical assistance at film festivals across the country