How to create sound that's pleasant and welcoming at your airport?

What is the difference between a normal airport and a world class one? Ambiance? Sound? Facilities? All of it? People need some sort of entertainment as they wait for long hours at the airport for their flights to take off. World class airports have quality sound systems which define their hospitality.

Announcements are made, movies and music get played. Often announcements are lost during flight take-offs and landing due to high noise. All these activities need to be properly configured.

R&S has been assembling and servicing sound systems in schools, auditoriums, cinemas, multiplexes and pubs. Our systems adjust automatically to such high noise and ensure that the announcements still remain intelligible.

1000+ installations.

For 18+ years. Which is why it makes sound sense to call in the most experienced and trusted sound architects for your airport project as well.

It’s no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase ‘As pretty as an airport’ appear.

Douglas Adams

1000+ installations. 18+ years. One trusted sound architect.

  1. R&S gives you a customized sound system

    We customize our system designs according to the rules and regulations of the airport. We modify and choose the right systems which would are branded and tested. We also have in-house architects to advice on how the systems should be configured and speakers placed to get maximum ever coverage with minimum number of speakers.

  2. R&S provides you with flexible systems

    An airport is engineered to have high ceilings and a lot of glass, hence the speakers designed for an airport need to be electronically pointed and angled towards the audiences. R&S helps you design speakers which adjust their performance depending on the ambience noise. We specifically design speakers that have sensors which measure the sound level outside and change their level accordingly, making them flexible and perfect for airports.

  3. R&S takes care of reverberations

    At airports, the focus is on speech intelligibility in a highly reverberant and reflective atmosphere having a huge background noise. Therefore our systems are designed to sound clearly in this space

  4. R&S provides uniform coverage

    There should be wide horizontal coverage uniformly distributed throughout the airport. We make sure that our step array systems control the coverage using preventive digital signal processing techniques.

  5. R&S provides quality monitoring systems.

    We provide systems that keep monitoring the feedback and noise levels from time to time. Our experienced team of qualified engineers, ensure your sound equipment should not fail in case of an emergency.

  6. R&S offers prompt and effective After-Sales service

    At R&S, we're fanatical about after sales service. Which is why you get a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers to maintain your system and provide solutions, quickly. With offices in all major metros and associates in smaller cities, you're assured of prompt support.