Of farewell parties, college festivals and sounds that linger on.

The memories rush back. The eyes well up. You get goose-pimples.

What a farewell party! What a rock-a thon festival! Good ambience, great food and awesome hot-stepping music. Every event needs great sound to make people groove. And to recapture their memories at will. Configuring sound for an event is not the issue. Configuring awesome sound is.

Schools and colleges have auditoriums which conduct a lot of plays and festivals from time to time. R&S provides you versatile systems which are flexible enough to be used for plays and at the same time be used for a live rock concert.

R&S provides sound value to Annual days, Dance shows, Singing competitions, Drama, and more, held in schools and colleges throughout India. We’ve integrated sound systems for St.Xavier’s Inter- collegiate festival - Malhaar and IIT Mood I 2009, both of which were mega successful events.

It makes no sense to pack an auditorium with 5,000 people and then tell them to keep quiet.

Tony Snow

For your next event, choose R&S

We will ensure that you have warm memories of it.

  1. R&S will custom configure your sound

    We provide customized sound designed for the auditoriums you use. Our in-house architects will advice you on how your sound systems should be built and configured. So that the sound you get, is the sound that lingers on.

  2. R&S will design sound systems with children in mind

    Children acting in plays cannot deliver perfect dialogues as they are not trained artistes. You need specially designed systems to capture their speech perfectly without having feedback. Therefore, we pay special attention to the fact that our systems are configured in such a way that the voice of the children using the microphone can be heard accurately without causing discomfort to the audience who are listening to it.

  3. R&S provides complete automated systems for easy management

    Since educational institutions do not have highly-skilled mixing engineers, we ensure that the systems you use are designed in such a way that it is completely automated. This would make it easier for the person-in-charge to manage it..

  4. R&S will train your staff

    Our team of highly qualified engineers, trained at Dolby Labs, will train your in-house staff. This ensures that your staff is totally updated with the technology and have no issues handling the sound system we give you.

  5. R&S will be there when you need us

    We're fanatical about after-sales service. You get a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers to maintain your system and provide solutions to any issues or problems that may arise. With offices and associates in all major cities of India, you can be rest assured that we'll be there when you need us.