In the house of God, why settle for sound which is less than divine?

You have worked hard for the sermon. Carefully chosen the words, edited and re-edited it for the Sunday congregation. But when delivering, the congregation gets restive and disinterested. Receiving spiritual wisdom seems to be hitting a wall. Helped by a hopeless sound system. Or, imagine a spiritual discourse delivered by an Exalted One at the temple. Hundreds have gathered. Expectation is in the air. But the divine insights are hardly audible over the din of the devout.

Forget the congregation, let not God take offense with your sound system

A church, or a temple is designed in a dome structure hence it is prone to echo. Therefore, a proper analysis of structure needs to be undertaken, before configuring sound systems in places of worship. In short, you need the help of professionals who are experts in assembling sound systems to handle this for you.

18 years of sound design. God knows.

R&S is well known for providing complete audio solutions to theatres, professional studios, temples, churches, and more for over 18 years. What that means is that you get the best experience and expertise in assembling and customizing sound systems. That your congregation will approve. We also offer pro-audio consultancy as well as sound technical support for the equipment that we supply and install on-site.

It is my belief that everything you need to know about the world can be learned in a church choir.

Connie Willis

Why R&S is the Chosen One for sound systems

  1. R&S helps you choose the right system

    Installing a sound system for a church or a temple is not that easy. There needs to be proper analysis of structure and environment, in order to calibrate a system which would give a clear and distortion free sound. Our expertise and experience in installing sound systems for different environments, ensures that the sound in your church/ temple is clear and divine.

  2. R&S takes care of the reverberations, soundly

    Temples and churches are places prone to a lot of sound reverberation which cannot be stopped. We understand this problem and therefore place special emphasis on maximizing speech intelligibility. We specially design systems which are optimized to give the best output in a reverberated atmosphere..

  3. R&S offers prompt and effective After-Sales service

    We are fanatical when it comes to providing after sales service to our clients in the most effective manner. You are therefore assured of a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers to maintain your system and provide solutions to any issues or problems that may occur in any installation across India. We know God wouldn't settle for less.