What makes a concert rock? A band, a few instruments and a sound system.

Remember Malhar, IIT Mood I, Pulz, JanFest - The Bunny Brunel show? Behind the successes of all these events was R&S. All the shows were professionally handled and expertly arranged by R&S which managed the sound.

Enter R&S – Audio Solutions

We provide customized and best of breed sound systems with complete technical analysis to ensure the atmosphere created makes for a great show. After all, we have optimized complete sound systems for many live events including Malhar, IIT Mood I, Pulz, JanFest..

Rewind, for an Encore.

The preview plays out flawlessly. The Dolby sound mixing is perfect. The surround sound, awesome. The august audience gets up to salute the movie. The theatre is drowned in claps.

Mood Indigo feels honoured to have been associated with Pulz Audio. The sound support provided by Pulz Audio for Mood Indigo' 12 was really great.

Read the entire appreciation letter by IIT Mood Indigo

4 ingredients to create rocking events!

  1. Provide a quick and efficient set-up for trouble-free events

    We know that your event means a lot to you. So the R&S team you engage will study the event location, set up sound reinforcement systems and be with you on-site till the event is over, to attend to all emergencies.

  2. Study, configure, and advise

    Based on the structure and event environment, R&S will custom design audio projection systems which would suit it best. Trust R&S for the best advise on how these should be built and configured.

  3. Focus on clear sound

    Our focus remains on providing distortion free, high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) sound. At a concert, the energy levels are high, so the sound should not be too distorted or too dim. Trust R&S to ensure that every system is double checked before it goes live.

  4. Provide qualified and experienced mixing engineers

    You get highly qualified and experienced mixing engineers, to manage your sound at events.