An august assembly. An impressive preview. Applause and encore.

The biggest blockbuster film of the year is ready for release. All the stars and bigwigs from the industry, are gathered for the preview.

The Good, Bad and Ugly.

Twenty minutes into the movie your sound system crashes. There’s a pandemonium in the theatre. You need to stop the screening. People walk out in a huff. The stars are red faced.

Rewind, for an Encore.

The preview plays out flawlessly. The Dolby sound mixing is perfect. The surround sound, awesome. The august audience gets up to salute the movie. The theatre is drowned in claps.

In the theater the audience wants to be surprised but by things that they expect.

Tristan Bernard

What would you prefer?

You need your sound system to be technically perfect for such big events. You need a proper analysis as to which sound system will fit best your theatre environment. Not to worry.

18 years of trusted sound advice you can depend on

For 18 years now, R&S has been providing complete sound and projection solutions to numerous preview theatres, screening rooms and prestigious theatres all over India.

Our expertise and experience has seen us assemble and execute some of the best quality sound systems across 1300 screens in India, not just for preview and home theatres but also for multiplexes, single screens, auditoriums, and more.

A preview of what R&S can do for you

  1. Focus on the exact reproduction of sound

    Our focus is on reproducing the playback sound exactly as it was mixed, in the recording studio, as per Dolby guidelines. This creates magic in theatres as the sound quality is projected to a whole new level.

  2. Provide you with a thought-through sound calibration

    Our objective is to establish every single theatre as a reference theatre. This helps for better analysis. As a consequence, we employ the best engineers to install and calibrate the audio and projection in these theatres.

    A battery of audio tests and specialized audio measurement systems are used by our technicians to calibrate the system in the best possible manner for print evaluation.

  3. Offer you the best technical expertise

    Our team of highly qualified engineers trained at Dolby Labs and THX, are well experienced and capable of providing complete sound and audio solutions to studios and cinemas.

  4. Offer you prompt and effective After-Sales service

    We place a lot of emphasis on providing the most sought out after-sales service in this industry to you. You get a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers to maintain your system and provide solutions to any issues or problems that may occur in any preview theatre installed by us in India.