Studio sound. Redefined.

When you are recording a song in a studio, the sound should make you forget you are in one. Which calls for a different strategy in designing sound systems for studios. R&S has been providing solutions for studios to ensure a comfortable working atmosphere.

We wanted it more live and raw. We didn’t want a studio sound.

Alice Cooper

How do we redefine studio sound?

  1. Configure your system and custom design

    Different surroundings need different design. Our team of experts will analyze your studio requirements, study the structure and configure the right system which suits it best. Our Certified Engineers will also advice you on how sound systems should be built and configured.

  2. Monitoring & Transparent Reproduction of Recordings

    R&S uses advanced methods for calibrating your sound systems. This ensures that the right optimizing techniques are used to take care of unnecessary vibrations.

  3. Offer technical expertise

    You get a lot of technical expertise and all the experience for optimizing your system according to Dolby and THX rules and regulations, from our highly qualified team.

  4. Maintain Standards

    Our team ensures that proper standardization which helps track transfers seamlessly between studios. The systems used are tested and checked more than once before the actual rehearsal. This maintains a comfortable working atmosphere.